Ultra-High Resolution CT
Precision in Every Detail

Aquilion Precision

Provides Twice the Resolution of Today’s CT Systems

The world's first Ultra-High Resolution CT (UHR CT) capable of resolving anatomy as small as 150 microns, providing CT image quality with resolution typically seen only in cath labs. The UHR detector is newly designed to provide twice the resolution when compared with today’s CT technology, with an all-new detector as well as tube, gantry and reconstruction technologies.

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Ultra-High Resolution CT (UHR CT)

Hardware Technology Innovations

  • New tube design with industry smallest focal spot
  • New 0.25 mm x 160 rows—Industry smallest
  • New miniaturized DAS components
  • Couch top with precision reinforced drive mechanism

Reconstruction Innovations

  • New Matrix, 1024 x 1024
  • Optimized for UHR CT acquisitions
  • 150 micron, 50 lp/cm* resolution
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced optimized for UHR CT acquisitions
  • FIRST (MBIR) optimized for UHR CT acquisitions

*MTF 0% (reference value)

UHR Detector System

The Aquilion Precision Ultra-High Resolution detector maintains the same geometric efficiency as a conventional detector even though there are four times the number of detector elements, septa and electronics.
  • 0.25 mm x 160 rows, 1792 channels
  • Low electronic noise

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UHR X-ray Tube

Small Focal Size (0.4 mm X 0.5 mm)

The UHR tube incorporates an adaptive focal spot, capable of producing six precise focal spot sizes to meet the demands of UHR CT. The focal spot adapts to the patient size, collimation, matrix and clinical task, ensuring the optimal resolution for every examination.
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UHR Couch Technology

The UHR couch enables clear images at 0.15 mm resolution while maintaining the popular popular design features for patient and technologist comfort and safety.
  • 47 cm, industry’s widest
  • 17 cm lateral table movement
  • 2-step slide mechanism

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Finer, Faster and Wider - It’s a Fine Time for CT

Presented at RSNA 2017
Dr. Marcus Chen of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Research on the Aquilion Precision started back in 2001

Read about the development journey of the world’s first Ultra-High Resolution CT system that provides remarkably sharper images to enable physicians to make faster, more confident diagnostic decisions.

FIRST, MBIR reconstruction optimized for UHR CT

Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction:

  • New MBIR reconstruction with the ability to reduce noise and maintain resolution.
  • Integrated and easy to use
  • Automated
  • Fast

New UHR Reconstruction Matrix