Radio-Frequency Amplifier

With radio-frequency and power electronics technology we contribute to customers' high performance and efficiency improvement needs.

Key Features

  • The lineup of the frequency band (12.77 MHz~21.29 MHz) and rated output level (1 kW ~ 5 kW)
    corresponding to each magnetic field (0.3 T~ 0.5 T).
  • High linearity and a low noise
  • UL and IEC standard


Tesla 0.3T 0.35T 0.4T 0.5T
Operation Frequency (*1) 12.77MHz 14.90MHz 17.00MHz 21.29MHz
Frequency Range < +/-200kHz
Peak Output Power 4ch 1.25kW x 4 (Total 5kW)
2ch 2.5kW x 2 (Total 5kW)
1ch 5kW
Cooling Air
RF Input 0dBm x1
Impedance 50ohm
VSWR 4.0:1 or less
Gain 61dB(4ch)/ 64dB(2ch)/ 67dB(1ch)
Average Power 250W
Max Gate On Time 60msec
Max Gate On Duty 50% maximum for low output power
15% maximum @ Rated output power
Gain Linearity ±1.0dB or less(50Ω)
Phase Linearity(between ch1 and ch2) 0 ± 5 degrees
Droop (Pulse Wide = 3.5msec)
Harmonics -30 dBc or less (50Ω)
Output Noise Power <Blanked>
(Center Frequency +/-200kHz)
-160dBm/Hz or less
Interface RS422 conforming
TTL(Gate Signal)
Main Voltage single phase AC 220V ±10%
Dimension Height 177mm
Depth 567mm
Width 478mm

(*1) Operation Frequency will be customized by MRI maker's request.

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