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Cartesion Prime Digital PET-CT

Navigation is about looking at the paths laid out in front of you and choosing the one that gets you where you want to be. This means having options. Consistent with our Made for Life philosophy – solutions made to improve the lives of patients, clinicians and administrators – Canon Medical is proud to offer a new path to digital PET-CT that helps you navigate to your future.

Introducing Cartesion Prime, Canon Medical’s digital PET-CT system.

Chart the right clinical course

With Cartesion Prime’s digital PET technologies, you can confidently diagnose, assess treatment response, and put your patients on the right path.

Keep patient and operator care on track

By putting both the patient and the operator at the center of every design decision, a better experience can be achieved with faster, more comfortable scans, and a more streamlined workflow.

Guide your business with confidence

With a small, lightweight, air cooled system that optimizes scan times and streamlines your workflow, you’ll have everything you need to boost efficiency across every aspect of your business.